At SPSE, we don't just certify; we immerse you in comprehensive training, mentorship, and coaching, seamlessly integrating both the science of sleep consulting and the art of business.

I’ve seen new Sleep Consultants fail and I’ve seen new Sleep Consultants succeed beyond their wildest dreams. If you want to learn from my experience before you even start, watch this 13 minute video right now. 

Becoming a Sleep Consultant brings new passion, excitement, and possibilities. It creates connection and impact. It means financial freedom
and flexibility.  

5 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Becoming a Sleep Consultant

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A glimpse into everything you'll learn:


  • Optimise your Space & Time
  • Introduction to Sleep
  • Sleep Cycles & Sleep Needs
  • Sleep Schedules
  • Safe Sleep Environment
  • Sleep Associations
  • Sleep Disorders & Parasomnia
  • Newborn Sleep

Module 1
Sleep Curriculum

  • Build a Solid Foundation
  • Mindset + Motivation
  • Ideal Client & Niching Down
  • Naming Your business
  • Form your LLC in 6 Steps
  • Build an Unstoppable Brand
  • Essentials of a Good Website
  • Build your Online Presence

Module 1
Business Curriculum

  • From Vision to Execution
  • Bedtime and Naptime Routines
  • Sleep Training Methods
  • Night Wakings
  • Night Weaning / Night Feeds
  • Factors that Impact Sleep
  • Sleep Regressions & Transitions
  • Siblings Sleep

Module 2
Sleep Curriculum

  • Design a Unique Core Offer
  • The Power of the Right Messaging
  • Pathways to Paying Clients
  • Launch Strategies
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation

Module 2
Business Curriculum

  • Sleep Assessment Calls
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Sleep Evaluation Questions
  • Writing Sleep Plans
  • Confident Sleep Consultation Calls
  • Closing out with Clients

Module 3
Sleep Curriculum

  • Client Acquisition
  • Empathy & Emotional Support
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Data Infomed Decisions
  • Co-Elevation

Month 3
Business Curriculum

It’s like getting a Masters Degree in Sleep and Entrepreneurship but instead of being in debt once you finish, you’re highly profitable!

Imagine where you'll be in one year
 if you start today

Embark on your journey to becoming a sleep expert with our comprehensive self-paced program. Dive deep into the world of sleep through engaging video lessons, informative guides, and real-life case studies. Backed by essential readings, you'll gain the confidence needed to assist families in overcoming their sleep challenges. Plus, unlock a vault of content ideas to kickstart your presence on social media!

Understanding sleep is just one piece of the puzzle. The real challenge lies in launching and growing a successful small business. It's not always easy; it can be tough, draining, and at times, downright frustrating. That's why our certification program goes beyond sleep—it's 50% business-focused. Lay the groundwork for your business before certification, and set yourself up for a quicker, more profitable launch compared to other programs.

Immerse yourself in the world of sleep and business with 6 live group coaching calls led by Shannon. Gain valuable insights and build momentum in a Private Cohort Community where you can ask questions, overcome challenges, and collaborate with fellow learners, ensuring you stay on track with your goals.

Navigate the certification journey with confidence. Take on three exams, and upon completion, craft a portfolio that not only serves as your certification submission but becomes your Sleep Consultant Bible. Launch into the field using our proven strategies, templates, scripts, and frameworks, securing your first three paying clients at a discounted rate. Their reviews will not only validate your expertise but also serve as testimonials, propelling you toward full certification!

Self-Paced Sleep Curriculum

Integrated Self-Paced Business Curriculum

A Solid & Supported Process

Coaching & Consulting

And there's more!

After the first 6 months of certification and successfully launching your business, you'll get 6 months access to the Marketing Membership.

This includes:

Monthly Marketing Mastermind Calls: Who you surround yourself with matters! Leave each call motivated and inspired with concrete ideas on how to continue to attract more clients without overwhelm

Continued Mentorship: small group community support to ask questions on sleep or business, and 2 Sleep Plan Reviews for tough client cases

Features: Get promoted on Nights & Naps social media and website to help you generate brand awareness and new client leads.

Summer Enrollment Bonuses:

Elevate your experience with two exclusive 60-minute 1:1 business coaching sessions with Shannon ($500 value). These sessions can be used at your convenience throughout the program, serving as a valuable resource when you seek advice, brainstorm new ideas, or want to troubleshoot. 

"Shannon’s course is absolutely incredible! I not only came away with invaluable information that will make me an effective sleep consultant but also with all the business information to really set myself up for success from the get-go.

I love how the lessons are organized so you can already work on setting up your business as you are learning the ins and outs of sleep!
The reason I chose this course was because of the emphasis it has on business building as this was totally new territory for me and I couldn’t be happier! I feel totally confident in my sleep knowledge and have a business that is ready to go. Working with Shannon is a dream and I couldn’t recommend her course more!"

- Jennifer K.

Our Teachers:

Shannon Buhera

Founder & Director SPSE +
CEO Nights & Naps

Rianna Hijlkema

Founder & Brand Expert
Sleep Consultant Design

Karen Winter

Owner & Founder Winter Slumber Sleep Consulting & Confident Consulting

Jenyfer Guzman

Sales & Business Coach

François de Neuville

Trusted Advisor for 7-figure young entrepreneurs

Dr. Funke

Triple-Board-Certified Sleep Medicine Physician Founder, RestfulSleepMD

Mayra Cruz

Founding Partner of The Canizales Group

At SPSE, we've curated a team of accomplished professionals in the realms of sleep and business. They provide exclusive lessons and presentations designed to elevate your expertise, empowering you to advance your business with confidence and a unique depth of knowledge.

Lucia Oliveira

Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Founder Luminous by Lucia


"I wanted to become a Sleep Consultant so I could help other parents that are desperate for sleep like I have been in the past". 


"I wanted something I could do from home while still being able to stay home with my 2 year old son and baby on the way". 


As a Newborn Care Specialist, "I wanted to learn even more about sleep and empower families to set their little ones up for sleep success". 

Summer Enrollment Deadline
to get bonus 1:1 Business Coaching:
 August 1st, 2024

Become Certified in supporting families holistically with children 0-8 years old
Graduates of this program can confidently support families virtually or in person


Payment Plan Options


for 4 months

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Efficient curriculum design combining self-paced video lessons and case studies with live group coaching and valuable mentorship. Our program is centered on an interactive, small cohort-based learning experience.

Side Hustle pacing leads to certification and business launch within 6 months or fast track option can lead to certification and launch within 3 months. 

One-on-one Business Coaching and Consulting ensures a profitable first year without the stress of having to figure everything out on your own

$3400 USD

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* You will not be asked to submit payment until after your application has been approved



for 10 months

* You will not be asked to submit payment until after your application has been approved



After you complete the necessary steps, you will be officially certified in 3-6 months from your start date depending on your pacing. What sets our program apart is that not only will you be certified, but you will also have a thriving business up and running. This is in contrast to traditional certification programs, where certification can be achieved within 2-6 weeks, but the process of establishing and growing a business has to done afterwards (with often little to no support). Plus, you get 6 months access to the Marketing Membership to help you continue to grow your business with our mentorhsip. 

How long does the program take?

Although we can't predict what your income will be, we can tell you that earning a full or part-time income is very possible with consistency, dedication and a positive mindset. Business success does not happen overnight. You'll have to put in the time and the effort and we'll encourage you every step of the way. However, a realistic goal for a Sleep Consultant in their first year of business working part time and following our business advice at SPSE is to earn $3-$5k per month in revenue.  

How much money can I make as a Sleep Consultant? 

Yes! We offer a limited number of partial scholarships based on financial hardship or underrepresented populations within the industry including women who are BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+. If you would like to discuss applying for a partial scholarship, please email Please note we do not offer full scholarships. 

Do you offer any scholarship opportunities?


Hey, I'm Shannon Buhera

I am a former elementary school teacher that took my Sleep Consulting business from side hustle to full time income within one year and now I'm coaching others on how to grow their business with their specific goals, their time, and their revenue in mind. 

I didn’t have the network (friends or local community) that could lead me to regular client referrals so instead I’ve been able to leverage social media. In less than two years on TikTok, I hit 100k followers and started to master video content as a way to connect, build trust, provide value, and generate leads. 

As much as I love Sleep Consulting, Business Coaching is my jam! I love empowering women with the strategy so they can go out and hit their goals. If I’m not working, you’ll find me playing with kiddos or planning our next vacation with my husband. 

Left with questions? Unsure if this program is perfect for you?

To pick my brain, talk through your business goals, and see if this program is right for you 

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